imageVCA’s success as an international brand management and distribution company is due to our wholistic approach and high level of commitment to our clients.

In order to make your Animal Health brand or product succeed, VCA invests time and effort in understanding everything we can about the product. We collaborate closely with everyone involved in the development and production of the product to gain complete understanding. This then enables VCA to determine the correct product and price placement, create the most effective marketing material and design a launch that will gain attention. We know that our understanding of your brand or product improves everyone’s chance of success in the market.

VCA’s success is also based on the fact that we have a dual charter. We realise that to achieve high sales, products must be ‘pushed’ and ‘pulled’ into the marketplace. Using our strong wholesale network, we ‘push’ the products into the sales channels while awareness campaigns create the ‘pull’ from the consumer.

VCA’s wholistic approach also focuses it attention on brands and products that have a health benefit or actual value for the animal. We do not manage products that compete purely on price.