We are committed to providing you with the most accurate and useful information. Below are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions that VCA receive on a regular basis. If you do not find an answer to your query, feel free to contact us here.

Where are your products sold in Australia?
VCA sell our range of Animal Health products and brands through the entire network of veterinary, pet and mass market distribution partners, our products should be available at a clinic, pet shop or grocery store near you. If you have difficulties locating a particular brand in our portfolio, please contact
Do you export to my country?
We export our products to a range of countries across the globe, and are continually working the expand our network. To determine where we currently export to, click here. If you are interested in expanding the VCA network as we currently do not distribute to your location, we happily welcome to you contact us on
How much experience does VCA have in the Animal Health industry?
VCA was established in 1992, and has been growing our international reputation and developing our industry knowledge ever since. We have collected a keen and experienced team adept in marketing, brand management, distribution, product development, sales and international trade to support our growth in Animal Health industry.
As a manufacturer, can VCA assist in building a brand for my product?
VCA can develop your product from concept to consumer. After conducting in-depth market research, VCA can compile a complete marketing strategy for the product. Our design team will work with you to develop any necessary brand elements, packaging requirements, distribution, pricing strategies and promotional material to launch your product into the appropriate markets and channels.
Is VCA willing to sponsor pet related events?
VCA are committed to ensuring placement of any products in our portfolio best suits each brand strategy that we manage. We also believe in maintain relationships with end consumers to ensure greater acceptance of our products in the market. All events are considered against our portfolio, and we welcome all offers for promotional or event contribution. If you would like VCA’s involvement, please forward all proposals to
As an Australian retail outlet, what distributors do you sell your products to so that I can order them?
VCA products are available from all leading wholesalers. Email us with the details and we will send you a list of appropriate wholesalers we trade with.
How do you assure the quality of the products you import into the Australian and New Zealand markets?
VCA subject all products that we bring into the local markets to a in-depth product analysis. No food based product is into the Australian or New Zealand markets without relevant quarantine permits being obtained. This avoids any irradiation of the products or possible environmental contamination caused by the products. Products are chosen into the VCA portfolio based on their features, where providing better well-being for pets through enrichment, humane treatment and healthy living is key. If products do not adhere to our standards, they are not included into the VCA portfolio.
Do you sell directly to consumers?
As a brand management and distribution company, VCA focus our sales efforts into pushing the product through the different channels of distribution. Consumers seeking our products are directed through to our network of trade partners to purchase products for their pets.
Do you provide products for pets other than dogs and cats?
Although the main focus of our brands is within the dog market, we do have several products to suit cats, horses, birds as well as the general small companion animal market through our veterinary lines. 
Can you assist in building the web presence for my Animal Health product or brand?
At VCA, we are well aware of the emergence of e-Marketing as a key strategy to building the success of any product or brand. We are equipped to develop websites, electronic direct mail campaigns, e-newsletters, online training and electronic logistics for both the trade and consumer markets.