imageVCA proudly manages a diverse portfolio of Animal Health products and brands from around the world. We work closely with companies from Europe, China and America, as well as Australia.

VCA’s comprehensive brand management program is designed to ensure the success of each brand it launches into the Australian and New Zealand markets. This is why our client list includes very small organisations as well as some of the world’s leading brands and major multi nationals in the pet industry.

Big or small, we have what it takes to make any Animal Health product successful here in Australia and New Zealand.


Complete the all-round wellbeing of pets with the style and luxury of VCA accessories. Quality meets functionality to ensure that the pet’s needs are satisfied, resulting in happy and comfortable pets.

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Behaviour & Training

Keeping pets well trained and caring for their wellbeing is easy with VCA’s training aids, tools, tips and tricks. A well-trained pet is far more likely to feel comfortable and safe in their homes and neighbourhood. With the Starmark and Husher training aids pet parents can be well equipped to ensuring their pet is obedient and happy.

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Boredom Busters

When bored pets do bad things, VCA has the answer to keep pets engaged and entertained. The Boredom Busters range includes a variety of treats and toys that provide mental stimulation and physical involvement to pets. The range encapsulates a group of brands, all dedicated to the entertainment of pets. Boredom Busters brands include Starmark, West Paw Design and Nina Ottosson.

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Tackle stains, fur balls and little pet accidents with the collection of cleaning tools and products from VCA. Pet parents can win the battle against unsightly stains and overpowering pet odours with the complete range of Urine-Off products.

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Food & Nutrition

VCA understands that nutrition is key ensuring pets stay healthy and content. To provide pet parents with real feeding solutions, VCA have identified the nutritional needs of different pets and found quality products to suit. The range of foods available from VCA offer pets with all the goodness that nature intended. A well fed pet can easily be spotted by their balanced weight, healthy coat and positive demeanour. With variety to suit any pet preference and world class quality, VCA proudly support premium foods for well deserving Australian pets.

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Have pets looking and feeling as great as they do on the inside with the VCA range of grooming products. Products like the Squirt stuff for dogs, provides pet parents with quality tools to keep their pet clean and comfortable. Help pets look stunning, feel soft and shine from the inside, with the range of grooming products to pamper pets.

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VCA is helping to build the bond between pets and pet parents with products that promote happy and healthy interactive play. Starmark, Nina Ottosson and West Paw Design each offer unique ways to play with pets. These interactive products promote a healthier lifestyle for pet parents which in turn results in a healthier pet, and better relationships within the pet caring family.

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Keep pets satisfied throughout the day with healthy snacks. Light, nutritious and irresistible, these snacks are specifically selected with premium ingredients so that the pet's diet is not compromised. The brands of snacks include Starvin Marvins, Fish4Dogs, Fruitables, Lickables and Pegetables.

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Veterinary Specific

No clinic should be without VCA’s core range of veterinary specific consumables, disposables and health products. Being committed to the care of animals, we believe in supporting the industry that keeps pets happy and healthy. These products are developed with in consultation with Veterinary professionals to ensure premium quality and exceptional high value for money.

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