imageEstablished in 1992, VCA began as an importer of niche products for the veterinary channel in Australia. As our reputation grew and demand for unique products increased, we entered the pet retail channel. 5 years ago VCA became Australia and New Zealand’s only true multi channel distributor of Animal Health products by adding supermarkets to our distribution network.

But VCA is more than just a highly respected international brand and product distributor.

VCA has the:

  • expertise to manage your manufactured brand or product throughout its entire life cycle here in Australia and New Zealand. We offer a complete range of services to assist you every step of the way.
  • understanding to make your product relevant to the Australian and New Zealand markets and then market it successfully.
  • partnerships to manage the entire import or export process for you.
  • infrastructure to manage all your warehousing, stock management and distribution needs.
  • reputation internationally as the Australian company to work with for your Animal Health brand or products.
  • VCA’s success as an international brand management and distribution company is due to its holistic approach and high level of commitment to its clients.