Synergy Labs

The Dental Fresh, & Fooey range have been developed by Synergy Labs, a premium manufacturer of animal health and veterinary care products. Based in the USA, the team at Synergy Labs strive to stay innovation and create great products for cats and dogs.

Because they’re more than just pets™.


Dental Fresh Tuna Enhanced Flavour

Even the most finicky of felines won’t bat a whisker when given Dental Fresh Enhanced Flavour. This feline-specific formula with delicious fishy flavour can effectively remove plaque and tartar build-up. Regular use promotes fresh breath, improved oral health, and overall wellness.

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Dental Fresh Original Formula

Taking care of a pet’s oral hygiene has never been easier with Dental Fresh. Simply add to the pet’s water bowl to effectively clean the pet’s teeth, gums and tongue whilst they drink. Dental Fresh is truly like offering pets a ‘toothbrush in a bottle’.

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Fooey Ultra-Bitter Spray

Stop destructive or dangerous pet behaviour with Fooey Ultra-Bitter Spray. It truly tastes awful, and therefore actually works to get pets to stop licking, biting or chewing that which they are not supposed to. The easy-to-use Spray is great for using on large areas or multiple objects, and won't become airborne. Fooey is safe for use with dogs, cats, ferrets, rabbit, horses and birds.

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