Meet Marvin

Full Statistics:

  • Full Name – Marvin M. Mutz
  • Coat Colour – Caramel brown
  • Eye Colour - Hazel
  • Birth Date – June 2004
  • Height on all paws – 51.35cm

What are your favourite things to do in a day?

  • Sneaking around the yard like a private eye K9
  • Fetch with my incredibly bouncy Huck and Hurley toys
  • Bury the old paw covers (shoes) that my pet parents don’t wear
  • Meeting new friends, particularly at the park
  • Figuring out the challenges for the Everlasting toy range
  • Giving my pet parents slobbery kisses
  • Chasing the birds
  • Trying to catch my own tail

What would be your favourite thing to eat?

It’s got to be Starvin Marvins snacks.

What are your least favourite things in the world?

  • The mailman
  • Stormy weather and those loud flashes of light that come from the sky
  • Having a bath, unless my human parents use that Squirt stuff for dogs