What size dog is Veggie Ears made for?

Each Veggie Ear is about 50g and large in size, so even your gigantic dogs can enjoy this snack. For your tiny doggies, a Veggie Ear can still be enjoyed whole though it may take them a day or two to get through. Alternatively, you could soften the Veggie Ear by leaving it out in the sun, (away from prying paws) and then tear or cut the Ear to more desirable bite sized pieces.

Due to the healthy nature of the Starvin Marvins Veggie Ear, we reckon most dogs, even some with very specific diets, can enjoy this snack. As always though, if you have any concerns, please ask the guidance of a veterinarian.

Available in different bag options

We found some loving pet parents were getting tired trying to carry arms full of Veggie Ears from their local store. To ease the load, Starvin Marvins Veggie Ears are available in easy pack sizes. The 5 Ear and 15 Ear packs for the Veggie Ears are super convenient, with a resealable bag to ensure that the drool worthy aroma is locked in and waiting for your dog’s next snack time. The Wheat Free Veggie Ear is available in handy bulk packs of 25 to ensure your special friend with specific dietary needs, always has a delicious snack on hand.

Whether you want to try a few or grab a bucket load, the Starvin Marvins Veggie Ears are available in a pack size to suit you.