At Applaws, making pet food matters. Only the ingredients that are listed on the packaging is what is found in the food, no hidden additives, preservatives or fillers. With only the good stuff used to make this range of food, Applaws ensures that the complete balance is maintained just as nature intended.


Light Adult All Breed Chicken

When exercise gets less frequent and treats become more indulgent, often pets require a lighter, healthy dinner option. It's All Good 50 Light helps return your pet's dietary balance and reduce the risk of weight related health issues.

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Adult Large Breed Chicken

Bigger breeds like a bigger crunch, that's why the Applaws offers a dry food in larger kibble discs. With that ideal 50/50 blend, your pet will enjoy the benefits of a completely balanced diet.

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Adult All Breeds Chicken

Give your cats a meal they will instinctively enjoy. Only quality ingredients go into this dry food to ensure your pet gets all the good stuff that nature intended for your feline friends.

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