Alfalfa King

The Alfalfa King Range of Hay and grasses offers small animals a quality feeding solution in a compressed format that you will find easy to handle. Do not be fooled by bulky, puffed out bags that are much lower in value because in those you buy some hay plus a whole lot of air. The ultra-premium varieties available from Alfalfa King ensure that your rabbit, mouse or guinea pig get the hay that they deserve.



Alfalfa hay is ideal as a natural food treat for young, small animals. Rich, leafy-green Alfalfa hay is high in protein and calcium to help build strong, healthy bones.

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Oat Wheat & Barley

Oat, Wheat & Barley hay is a three-grain grass blend with lots of seed heads and fibre. This hay is cut at the ‘dough’ stage while the grain is still a soft, immature groat.

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Timothy hay is a deliciously sweet grass hay for small animals. Emerald green with a robust aroma, Timothy hay is a low-protein, high-fibre alternative to Alfalfa hay.

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