Alfalfa King

Alfalfa King is a family-owned and operated company. The hay is grown in Central and Western Nevada, U.S.A. The high altitude and arid climate is perfect for growing and harvesting hay. The Alfalfa King range (Alfalfa hay, Oat, Wheat & Barley hay and Timothy hay) are all double-compressed natural food sources for small animals. Each hay is known for its beautiful colour, sweet flavour and aromatic fragrance. Small animals that eat the variety of Alfalfa King hay include herbivores like the rabbit, guinea pig and reptiles such as the tortoise.

Alfalfa King offers a natural food source for your small pet. You can be sure that these hays are produced in the most environmentally friendly and natural way possible. Whilst not strictly organic, the Alfalfa King grasses are grown without any use of pesticides, artificial colours or flavours. 

What is Double-Compressed Hay?

A hydraulic press is used to squeeze a regular bale down to half its size, eliminating all of the air. This process is the equivalent of vacuum packing but for a hay product. The double-compression procedure keeps the hay fresher for longer, ensures high leaf count, retention (less dust) and holds the robust aroma of the hay.